Friday, August 11, 2006

A bad case of mommy brain

Today was one of those days that you will laugh about later on. Harry was being a grumpy little boy so I decided to go to the library with the kids. Yeah I know, a very crazy thing to do but I was desperate to get him out of the house. My kids are a bit odd because they could be having fits but once I take them out shopping or on an errand they perk right up becoming angles.

I had Evan all ready to go shoes and everything when I realized that I could not find my keys. Franticly I searched as Harry started crying because I sat him down. Evan was also getting frustrated that we were not leaving the house. Once he gets his shoes on he is ready to go and heaven help the person that gets his shoes on in vain. I search and search and no keys turn up. I had to give up in frustration and face the wrath of my children.

My husband comes home and I just had to get out of the house after being stuck in side. I bolted taking his keys and heading out to the library for some time with out the kids. I could hear Harry fussing in the background. The last two days had been pretty warm so I was excited about the prospect of spending time in my air conditioned car. I actually had a purse with me for a change, because in times of extreme heat I wear a skirt to help keep cool.

I did not take too much time in the library since I knew that I had to get back home to make dinner. I put my library card in my purse, slipping it into an outer pocket. It was then that I noticed my keys. They had been in the purse the whole time hiding! I had shaken the purse numerous times and dug through the inner pocket but missed looking in any other part of the purse. Some days I really think that I should be committed to a loony bin.


chelle said...

hehe I cannot even count how many times I have done something similar to that! Glad you made it out ok!

Gina said...

Keys always play a game of hide and seek with me, and they usually win!

bella said...

Oh, don't you hate that!?

I usually find mine on a shelf in the living room (if Fuul had them last) or under the couch cushions (if EK had them)!

I have a carabiner clip on my keys, so if I have them, they are usually clipped to my jeans or to the strap of whatever bag I'm carrying, just so I don't lose them in the bottom of my bags!

Eve C. said...

Oh what a great post you have!!! Your sons are beautiful little boys and have contagious smiles!!!! I popped over from Katie's site to another and then here! Well worth it and I look forward to hearing about more milestones your sons reach! Have a fabulous weekend!

Amka said...


You don't even want to know how many times I've not only lost my keys, but locked them in the car. On one particular occasion, on a trip we left a set of keys at my mom's house, and she wasn't home. So we only had one set of keys, which I then locked in the car. My husband and his brother then proceeded to try to break into the car with a slim jim. It became hilariously apparent that car thievery had never been a career of theirs.

Ahhh, but I can top even that story. Once upon a time, I ran out of gas, 50 yards from the gas station but unable to coast the rest of the way. So I got out and started to walk, then realized I had left the lights on in the car. I went back, but to my horror realized that I had also left the keys in the car. All of this occured about an hour from my home.

I will never, ever be able to live that one down.