Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My kids are full of crap

My kids have been pooping up a storm these last few weeks. It seems like every time I turn around I have a stinky diaper to deal with. Previous to this poop fest I had thought that I had the whole two kids in diapers thing under control. Two poopy diapers once a day, a piece of cake! There was no hurry for Evan to potty train, I can handle this easy.

Then it started. Harry had a case of the runs and was going every five seconds. I though that since this was a temporary thing that I could handle it just fine. After all it would end soon enough, right? Nope. It has not ended. He goes an average of four times daily. They are four good sized non-diarrhea diapers.

Evan has also increased his daily poopy diaper average lately. He had gone from an average of .75 poopy diapers a day to 1.5. I think his is because he is now eating more food due to the fact that we no longer tube feed him. At least I hope that is the reason.

It really would not be that bad if my children would sit still while I change them. Harry loves to roll over the second I get the diaper off. Both like to reach down and grab down there, resulting in poopy hands if mommy is not fast enough. I think that they are playing a secret game with me. They must share strategies when they are in bed in the morning. Now that they are sharing a room they have ample time to chat with each other. Sometimes in the morning I can even hear them giggling at each other. Nothing good can come of that. I am doomed!

My eyes are brown because I am full of crap!

I am much better at pooping than my brother, so my eyes are only tinged with brown.


bella said...

Bwahahaha! (OK, I can only laugh because I have so been here before!)

I've been entertaining my older kids this week with 'well, when you were a baby...' stories. My oldest son, when he was about 9 months old could only be changed one of two ways: with two full-grown adults to hold him pinned to the floor and play interference with the hands; or with one full-grown adult sitting on the floor, pinning the boy down with a strategic leg across his chest, and lightning quick hands to get the diaper on and off before he could make his escape.

Unfortunately, CC is headed this way quickly: he, too, does the 'diaper off and flip' move... grrr!

Good luck! This too shall pass! (um... no pun intended!)


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

LOL... you had me at "My kids are full of crap." My eyes are brown too. ;)

My youngest is also my pooping-est and every so often, I feel like giving her the BRAT diet just so the smell has time to clear out... for once.

thegoddessanna said...

Believe me, I feel the pain of the poopie diaper. I swear my twins have competitions between themselves.

BTW, your kids are adorable. : )

Mel said...

I think I've had more than my fair share lately, too! Your boys are adorable, brown eyes & all! *wink*

Gina said...

If there is one thing I don't miss about his being a baby, it's the diapers.

fancypantsnancy said...

better out than in!