Saturday, August 12, 2006


My parents are here for a short visit and they brought the kids some new toys. These are not just any toys, they are the most insanely loud and annoying toys. Harry received a "book" that "reads" the child a nursery rhyme. Evan got a Thomas train that plays music and shoots steam out. My wonderful mother even taught Evan where the on/off button was so if I want any peace and quiet I will have to take the batteries out.

Thanks mom and dad!!!


chelle said...

Got to love Grandparents!!!

Gina said...

Yeah, my aunt once got Mr. P a complete drum kit. Thank goodness it was so poorly constructed that it fell apart within a week.

The Laundress said...

Hey there Awesome Mom,

Your kids are cuties and I love your name.

Noisy toys can drive the moms over the edge. My boy is older than your guys, his papa bought him and his big sister "Captain Jack Sparrow's Electronic Pirate Pistols" at Toy'R'Us yesterday. One of the pistols does not have functional sound. So my husband was going to take it back for an exchange on Monday.

After listening to the one pistol with functional sound blasting away all day today, he is now thinking he should take the noisy one back and ask for another defective model. ;)