Monday, August 07, 2006

What is in my diaper bag

Parent Hacks asked what people had in their diaper bags and I thought I would share here rather in the comment section because my list is so dang long.
  1. one sippy cup
  2. one bottle with water in it
  3. formula container
  4. three diapers size five
  5. three diapers size three
  6. a bag of wipes
  7. a roll of plastic bags to put nasty diapers in
  8. an assortment of small matchbox type cars
  9. an assortment of rattles
  10. an assortment of teething toys
  11. a couple of little people figurines
  12. a change of clothing for Harry
  13. a bottle of antiseptic hand gel
  14. moistened towlettes
  15. a nasty thing wrapped up in a tissue that I am too scared to even identify
  16. a flash light (one of Evan's favorite toys)
  17. snacks: yogurt raisins, dried cherries, fruit snacks, gold fish crackers, fruit puffs and freeze dried fruit
  18. a pack of tissues
  19. assorted garbage
  20. velcro that I bought at the store the other day
  21. crayons
  22. a syringe (just in case Evan's tube comes out while we are out of the house I can reinsert it)
  23. the kid's immunization records
  24. a calendar
Luckily I have a pretty nice diaper bag that is huge but very functional. We actually used to carry around one for each kid but I had to put a stop to that pretty quickly. It was just too hard when I was alone with both of the kids to haul two bags around. Generally I only take it for extended trips so having a big single bag made more sense.

I can't say that I will be sad to leave it behind when the time comes for that because I am not much of a bag person in the first place. I don't carry a purse. I use the pockets that are on my pants and use a wallet like a man. It just seems silly to keep a purse around when I have functional pockets most of the time.


chelle said...

hehe now that we are potty training boo my diaper bag is less! Wow you are so organized!!

I love that diaper bag!! I may be in the market for a new one soon!!

Mama Duck said...

LOL wowie and I thought my diaper bag had a lot of stuff!! I played too, what fun!

happy mommy said...

I am with you on not carrying a bag or purse! I often tell my kids that I am not a real mom because I don't have one of those bottomless pit purses moms should have. LOL

Rebecca said...

Ah, the diaper bag days! With a 5 and 9 year old, I don't have the need for diaper bags anymore... You do have a prodigious amount of stuff in yours!!