Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I am so tickled by this:
I had high hopes for a curly haired child because my husband could grow an afro even though he is very white. Evan teased me by coming out with a head of curly dark brown hair. Sadly he lost that hair and it was replaced with mildly wavy dark blond hair. I was crushed.

I hope that Harry keeps it up with the cute little curls. There is no way that I will buzz him like his brother if that happens. I might even let him grow it nice and long so I can put bows in it (kidding!). I would never do that to my son which is why I am going to change Harry's name (kidding again).


bella said...

Cute, Cute!

I had similar hopes, though mine stemmed from a little further back: both Fuul's dad and my father have afro-curly hair, but all of my kids had straight hair, right up until EK! Her's is so cute! But yesterday, I trimmed the ends off her hair, and I'm afraid that her curls may only be the ends -- I'm hoping for more, but not holding my breath anymore. *sigh*


chelle said...

hehe I have natural curly hair and I had hoped the same for my daughter. No such luck, her hair is so straight!

His hair is soooo cute!

Gina said...

Oh, the curls are too cute!

Christina said...

Love those wispy curls! Cordy's hair was straight her first year, and then it slowly started to curl after her first birthday. Now she had a head full of ringlets!

I love the curls, but I have no idea what to do with her hair. Hopefully you'll have some ideas on how to style his curly head.