Friday, September 01, 2006

Fun Links

Here is another addition of fun links. We are going away for the long weekend, so I thought I would leave you with something fun to entertain you since I know that if I don't manage to post anything you will all be desolate. How is that for a nice long run on sentence!
  • Are you stuck on a post? Are you having a hard time coming up with a witty beginning to your novel? This will help get rid of your writer's block in no time flat.
  • Have you ever wanted a special and unique cake for your wedding or special occasion? Here is a truly unique cake.
  • If you love Jane Austen as much as I do then this is the place for you. I heart Mr. Darcey.
  • If you have a cat this might amuse you.
  • I am so creeped out by this, it just seems so wrong on so many levels.
  • Bring out the inner geek in your baby.
  • This is of interest to mothers of boys but would also be helpful to anyone that lives with a male.
  • It is never too early to start thinking about Halloween.
  • An amusing video with an awesome explosion at the end.
  • How smart are you?

6 comments: said...

Hi. This is Mike from Thanks for mentioning us in your blog!

chelle said...

Great links!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

bella said...

That halloween one is scary! LOL

Thanks for this fun list!


Gina said...

Well, for the Zaky I can kind of understand the original purpose for the preemies, but I'm not sure about regular babies.

The pictures of those babies sort of broke my heart a bit, though.

txmommy said...

thanks for the list! now my weekend is complete :)

Zephra said...

I love love love the cake idea and will be making it into cupcake form this week.