Friday, March 31, 2006

Good Friends

I have some of the nicest friends. This week each one has done something nice for me and I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I am very lucky to have these women in my life and I am going to be very sad when we eventually will have to move from here.

My friend A is also my neighbor. We met through an online local recycling email list. She is super good at finding kids toys and stuff on the cheap. When we were at her house last I noticed that she had a neat infant seat. She saw how much I liked it. I happened to mention how hard it was for me to find the time to get the deals that she does. Later on in the week she called me up and told me about how she had found one of the rockers for five dollars and asked me if I wanted to buy it. Yes!!!!!!

My friend C is a fun and bubbly gal from New Zealand. She is the only one of my friends that is not a mommy yet. She and her hubby are going to be babysitting for me so that my husband and I can go out for my birthday. I have the hardest time deciding on baby sitters.

I work with the teenaged girls in church so in theory I should have a ton of sitters. In practice I hold off because of Evan's health issues. I also hold off because there is one girl that is nuts about kids and obsesses over my kids, but there is no way I feel that she is mature enough to watch my kids. I don't want to hurt her feelings by obviously choosing everyone but her. I used to have a nice girl that would come a few days a week after school but then she got a real job and I have not replaced her.

My friend R's husband is a mentor to my husband, helping him set up a career in the military. They are moving in may, him to icy Alaska to be a commander of a small isolated base and her to tropical Hawaii. The separation will only be a year but I am sure it will be a hard one. They have a beautiful little baby girl that they waited ten long years for. He will be missing out on a lot of stuff.

She came over with her daughter to have a play date with us today. We were discussing kids toys and I mentioned how I was looking for a tummy time mat with a pillow for Harry. He seems to like his tummy more than Evan and prefers it to baby gyms. She said she would give me the tummy time mat that she used for her baby.

Looking back I see that most of the nice things revolve around fun baby toys. I have to admit that I am a huge baby gaget addict. I love getting them toys and things because it is so fun to watch them play with them. It is a habit that can get expensive so any time I can feed it without spending a lot of dough I am thrilled. We are going to a huge yard sale put on by a mother's club so I am totally excited and may not be able to sleep tonight. Hee!!!

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