Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pictures of Harry

Due to a special request from Zephra I am doing a post of pictures of Harry. She really twisted my arm super hard to get me to do this.

This is a picture of my first bath in the big bath. Previously mommy had been putting my in the infant tub but now I am waay too big for it.

As you can see I love being able to stretch my legs out and kick in the water.

Time to dry off, we don't want to get all pruney.

Big fun on my tummy. Silly mommy did not think ahead and put a waterproof pad under me. She had to wash the bedspread after this photo shoot.

Checkin out Mr Potato Head. It is a mutant potato thanks to Evan.

Watching my big brother play with his toys. I can't wait until I can crawl over and join him.


Gina said...

What a cutie!

Zephra said...

Yep, Im a real pusher...Thanks for the pics. I just love baby pics.

millicent said...

wow! you guys make beautiful babies!!! love the pics!