Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Favorite Place

J's Mommy did an interesting post about her favorite place and it inspired me to show you my favorite place. What is my favorite place? My bed, because that is where I sleep.

I love sleep and do not get nearly enough of it. I have been up since 6 a.m. this morning. Harry decided to get the whole family up bright and early. He along with his brother have just been put down for naps so I will make this post short so I can spend time in my favorite place.

Which side of the bed do you think is my husband's and which do you think is mine?

This is where the sleep disturber resides. The second he gets close enough to his brother's sleep pattern (or when we get sick of him being in our room) he will be sharing a room with Evan.


Zephra said...

I tried the crib in my room thing but found that I woke with every little peep Zakary made. Out he went into his own room. Sometimes I try to take him into my bed to cuddle and maybe a nap but I have trained him to sleep in his room so well that he just can't and does not want to sleep in my bed. I miss it though sometimes. Zain used to sleep with me all the time. He was my little cuddle bug.

Awesome Mom said...

It actually works out pretty well for us. I treid cosleepign with Harry but he is waaaay too squirmy and actually sleeps worse in my arms now that he is used to sleeping on his own in the crib. We went through a huge ordeal right after we took him home, trying to figure out where he slept best. He hated his bassinete so it was the crib for him super early on. Then it got to he would not take naps anywhere except his crib. I have to put him down for naps now because he will not fall asleep in my arms like his brother did. *sniff* For him is it the crib or the sling, notthing else.

WordsRock said...

OMG the difference between the sides of the bed is hysterical!

Bed is one of my favorite places too.


Jennifer said...

Mmm. Bed. My favorite place too. My babies always slept in our room for the first 4-5 months as well. I cried each time we moved them into their own rooms "all the way across the hall"! ;) It's just so cozy to have them *right there*, isn't it?