Friday, March 17, 2006

A Strange Email

I found this in my inbox today.

Hi Melissa,
I thought I might see you yesterday so that I could give you your invitation for the boys, but that's o.k.
I'll do it this way instead of trying to send it to you... It's faster!

Surrounding it was pink froo froo. It was an evite to a birthday party for a little girl that was turning five. The problem was that I had no idea who the heck was sending this to me. The opening was pretty ambiguous but it led me to think that it was from someone that I go to church with as not too many people have the email address that this was sent to.

After running through my mind all the people that I knew I decided that it could not possibly be someone from my church. I did not recognize the last name or the name of the girl.

I started getting really wierded out at that point. I am a stay at home mother so my circle of acquaintance is rather limited. I hang with people from my church since it is just plain easier. I see them on a regular basis and I know that we have at least one thing in common, religion.

I looked the name up in the white pages and came up with a person with the same name living in the same city where my husband's base is located. A light bulb went on with that discovery. I probably knew her from the Spouse's Association! I went back and looked at an old email that the president had sent out and there was her name and email address. The president does not use bcc so I am very sure that is how my email address got out.

I am rather puzzled about why K asked us to her daughter's party. I barley know her and my two-year-old son is not very interested in what her five-year-old girl is. Either she wants to be friends with me and this is her way of extending a hand of friendship or she is looking for lots of gifts for her daughter. I am trying to decide if I want to be cynical or believe that she has good intentions.

K is celebrating her 5th Birthday this year with a "Princess" theme. There will be a royal visit from Queen Daffodil, who will tell some enchanted stories, provide a puppet show, and may even have a few tricks up her sleeve! All birthday guests are encouraged to dress up.... as princesses, princes, knights, jesters, dragons, etc. to make for more fun.
I do need a few helping hands, so if you'd like to stay to help out during the party that would be great, if not, that's fine too... you can leave the kids and get some time to yourself.
The party will be from 6-7:30 p.m. The children will be served pizza, a juice box, and birthday cake.
Please R.S.V.P. by Mon. 3/20/06... and let me know if your interested in staying as helping hands, or if you'll be dropping off.
Thank-you and hope to see you there!
Hope to see you there!
I am just not very sure that this is something Evan would even be remotely interested in. I could be wrong though and he may totally enjoy the whole storytelling thing. I am certainly not going to drop off the kids and I may just leave the baby with my husband if we do end up going.

There is also the added problem of the time. It takes me roughly a half of an hour to get to the city where this is being held so even if we leave right at 7:30 we will be getting home right at Evan's bed time. Evan is seriously tied to his bed time. If I try and fudge it a bit he turns into a horrible cranky monster. He needs a good half hour at home of winding down time pre-bed time for us to have a good evening.

As you can tell I am very torn about this whole invitation. I want to be friendly but then it is not a very convenient thing for us. But then I could be a fuddy duddy and it could be a fun evening. Decisions, decisions. I am probably agonizing over this waay too much.


Valerie said...

I would just email her back thanking her for the invite but explain the bedtime thing and maybe suggest grabbing some coffee or something another time.

Gina said...

Yup, I agree with Valerie. I am a stickler for bedtime, and so much effort for someone you barely know just doesn't seem worth the trouble.

Izzy said...

yeah, I agree with the other posters. Just say that with bedtime and the baby, it just won't work for you but thanks anyway.

Awesome Mom said...

I just sent my regrets but added that I would be open to doing something another time.