Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Son The Pusher

I discovered an ugly side to Evan today. At play group while I was passing out graham crackers to everyone Evan reached out and pushed the other little girl down. It was so causal and I think that he thought it was funny that she fell so he pushes her again. I just about died right there.

It was one of those nightmare situations and I even did something that I will try not to ever do again. I made an empty threat and told him that we would have to go home if he did that again. Of course later on he did it again so I had to move him away from the other girl and I told him in my sternest voice that we do not push others. I think he got it because he acted later on like he was going to push again but I saw it and I just said his name and he stopped.

This whole socializing kids into decent human beings is getting to be much harder than I had imagined. I guess Evan being such an obedient child made me think that I was on easy street.


Zephra said...

It only gets worse too. I like when they make sure you are watching before doing something they are not supposed to do..just for the fun of your reaction.

J's Mommy said...

you have an obediant child? oh I need to get me one of those!! :)

Gina said...

Ah, the old "wolf in sheep's clothing" trick. Good one Evan!

Just kidding, hopefully it was just more of a physics experiment than anything else.