Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Condiment King

I think that we have more kinds of condiments than any sane household should. The main user of them? My husband. No matter how well cooked and how delicately flavored a dish could be, he always has to add something to it. I never cook with salt because no matter how salty something is he has to add more. When we have build your own taco night he will put an impressive amount of condiments on to the basic bean and meat. He will add cheese, salsa, and many different kinds of hot sauce (sometimes up to three different ones on one taco), sour cream, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Looking at him do this actually made me physically ill when I was pregnant with Harry, I had to leave the room or I would have lost it.

He is always dissing on his mother's cooking so I think this habit came as a form of self defense. I have eaten her cooking and while she is no five star chef it is edible. I actually have a tendency to cook at least once meal when we are over there just for a nice change. We never let them do the turkey if we are having Thanksgiving with them backaches she will dry the bird into jerky before she deems it done. This woman has no concept of medium rare. In her mind it is either raw and ready to cook of it is tough as shoe leather and ready to eat.

I am a pretty decent cook so it really gets on my nerves sometimes to see my husband dumping stuff on the food that I has taken the time to properly spice. Sadly though I am a bit of an enabler since it is soo easy to use his love as hot sauces as an easy gift idea. I guess I should just shut up and not complain for that very reason.


Izzy said...

I have a friend whose husband puts jelly and ranch dressing on his meatloaf (seriously) and he has a lot of other weird things he does to his food. She gets SO mad...lol

Gina said...

My husband puts ketchup on the special eggs that I make, and it drives me batty.

Awesome Mom said...

lol I am so not going to tell my husband about that because he will want to try it. I think if it was only one condiment and only occastionaly it would not be so annoying but he has to put stuff on everything, it is like he is not physically capable of eating food the way it comes out of the oven.

Ad's wife said...

When I saw the title of this post I thought "No way! Someone leaked out my pet name for my husband!" My husband's favorite condiments are BBQ sauce, mustard,& salsa. He has at least 5 kinds of each of these.He likes other condiments as well. It's almost a hobby for him. His job when he goes campin' w/ the guys is to bring the necessary condiments.