Monday, March 20, 2006

Decision made

I guess I was just making a huge deal because in the end the decision was a lot easier that I had anticipated. He will be having a therapeutic heart cath at the end of April. Then in the fall will be his fontan. This is a huge operation because it fundamentally changes his circulation.

The cath will not be a very big deal. Just an overnight stay in the hospital and then we should be able to go home. I just wish that the cardiologist had also presented this as an option to me in the first place when there was talk of having to do something last fall. I have a hard time believing that she did not know that it could be done that way since she is a very knowledgeable doctor. If she had not known right off that fall, there was plenty of time for research later on. I am certainly going to mention this to her when we see her next.

Right now I kind of like maybe people are going to start thinking that I am making such a big deal over the surgery just for attention. I have told quite a few people about the surgery that is not happening because I was trying to keep my schedule clear of major events so that I could drop everything when I needed to. Now... I don't have to. I am not going to tell anyone else in real life about the one coming up this fall until I have a firm date. It was soo annoying having people ask me for a surgery date when I had none.


Zephra said...

You are making a big deal because it is a big deal.

Nicole said...

I think the mom deserves a little attention when her child is going through something so important and scary.