Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mystery Solved!!!

I know where my husband gets his horrible sense of style, his mother. When we came home yesterday I was greeted by a very happy Harry who was wearing his older brother's pj top. I had carefully laid out an outfit that morning including a new onesie because he had been wearing the same one for awhile. He was still in that onesie with the pants on that I had placed out and then the pj top. Sigh.

My husband does that all the time too. I will ask him to grab something for the baby, usually when I am coated in spitup. He will either come down with something of Evan's or the ugliest outfit ever. You know the ones. Usually it is a gift that is given to you or just simply something that you, out of your mind, think is cute but once you get it on the child you realize that it is hideous but by then the child has messed the outfit up so you can't return it. So you keep put it away hoping that it will never see the light of day.

I pride myself on the cuteness of my children. I love to dress them in cute clothing so it is painful to see them in bad outfits. My clothing habit is fueled by my mother and my sister. My sister is a single nurse so she has a bit of money to spare and she loves spending it on her nephews. My mother has less money to spare since she is socking away a lot for retirement and my dad likes to buy things too, but she still manages to spend a fair bit on the kids. They both love Gymboree. I love that they give me their gymbucks because otherwise I would not be able to afford to shop there.

The store that I shop the most in is the Carter's outlet store. They have cute stuff which is more in my price range. My Carter's habit is so bad that there is a clerk there that knows me by sight and will come up and chat with me. I used to go to a lot of yard sales and thrift stores too but now that Evan is getting bigger finding cute stuff that is not trashed is getting harder and I have less time to look. If I ever have a girl look out because I will become a clothing monster.


Zephra said...

Where I leve they have some really good consignment shops so I luck out most of the time.

My kid's teachers know when I am sick because my husband dresses them. I usually get an e mail saying something like "I guess you are sick because I saw how the kids looked this morning..." I am amazed that DH can't see how bad they look too.

Gina said...

My husband is the same way! He actually now refuses to pick out clothing for Mr. Personality because he has been yelled at so many times.

As for clothes, got an Old Navy anywhere? Their regular prices are good, and the sale prices are great.

Izzy said...

I can't bear to have my children in mismatched clothing either lol Have you ever found Carter's outlet stuff to be mi-sized? I've gotten a few things there that were the right number but didn't fit.

Awesome Mom said...

Carter's is kind of funny, the onesies tend to be right but the shirts and other individual pieced outfits run big. If you get a romper there the sleeves are always too long and the legs too short.

I stopped going to Old Navy after going three times in a row with out finding anything cute. I have not been since Evan got into the bigger sizes so I may make another trip. We live out in a more country area so shopping is more limited.

We do have three consignment shops that I go to now and then but only when I am making special trips. Good news is that my mom sent me her gymbucks and I will be making a trip there on the 23rd.