Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Trip to the pediatrician

We had a ton of check up fun yesterday. Evan went in for his two year check up and his synagis shot for the month. Because of his heart defect he has to get these darn things monthly during the cold and flu season until he turns three. Harry had his four month check up and booster shots so I had two kids that got shots. Fun huh?

Evan has lost a bit of weight because we have been messing with his tube feedings. We have cut back on the amount of pedisure he gets in the hopes that he will eat more orally to compensate for the fewer calories he is getting by the tube. Harry shot up three inches but did not gain a ton of weight.

The fun came when the shots came out. Evan was soo dramatic about it. He was wailing and freaking out until he saw that Harry was getting a shot and then he quickly calmed down. Harry hardly made a peep for any of his shots, he is such a good boy. Evan on the other hand freaked out again when I got him up on my lap. After he was crying for the longest time and I know it was for effect because once I got him dressed and we were ready to go he quickly quieted down.

The Doctor did do his usual warning to me about the possibility of hernia in Harry. My boys are born with extra fluid around their lower manly bits. There is a medical term for it but I don't know how to spell it even remotely correct. All it means is that the hole in the abdomen where the testicles descend from don't close up very well and fluid accumulates but later it goes away usually by the time the kids are one. Sometimes bits of the intestine will poke through that hole and cause issues.

He had me going to the city for a surgical consult with Evan but I will not be fooled twice because the surgeon told me what to really look for and it was not what the doctor was worrying about. He was looking at the giant fat pad that Harry has down there because he is a chubbly little guy. You would think the doctor would know all this but hey he lets me do my own thing and has given me good advice when I ask for it otherwise, so I take this with a grain of salt. I can't really be all that choosy since we live out in the sticks and not many docs take our insurance. My kids are so healthy that we hardly have to see him for anything other than check ups. I get all my real medical advice from the cardiologist's nurse practicioner because she is more versed in Evan's heart defect.

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Zephra said...

I have a great doc for the kids. She and I work well together. She gives me her advice and then tells me she knows I will do what I think is right even if it is not her advice. Some docs get down right upset of you don't do things their way.

BTW, the baby is a cutie. I wish you would post more pics of him.