Thursday, March 09, 2006

I hate traffic, I really really do!

It took me two and a half hours today to drive what is normally a one hour drive. It was the commute from hell in the Bay Area today. There was a fire in a train tunnel so that was shut down for awhile and then a road crew messed up and had to repair a pot hole closing down two lanes going south to the city. It was a good thing that I did not listen to my husband's advice on when to leave.

Husband: So when are you going to leave?

Me: Well, since the appointment is at 10:30 I am planning on leaving at 9 to allow some extra time in case the morning commute is still going on.

Husband: You don't need to leave that early the commute will be long gone by then.

Ha!!! I got about 15 minuites into the drive when I hit an hour and a half worth of stop and go traffic. Luckily I had my trusty cell phone and could let the nurse practicioner for Evan's cardiologist know that we were stuck. Our appointment was pretty flexible any way so it was no biggie.

I am seriously obsessive about getting to appointments on time. I hate hate hate being late, it makes my stomach twist and I get all stressed out big time if I am not early to things. I have no idea where this obsession came from but it has driven my life. I guess it is actually a pretty good thing since I am very rarely late for anything and am often early.

The worst part of today was not the traffic. It was Evan's chest x-ray. He had to be put in a tube thingy that held him still and upright. He was scared so of course he was crying and trying to get out of the tube. I almost cried when I had to step away for them to take the x-ray, I knew that he was terrified and there was nothing that I could to about it. This makes me more and more apprehensive about how the surgeries are going to go.


Gina said...

Oh, you and I are exactly alike on the never being late thing.

I am so sorry that you both had to go through that.

Try to stay strong, although I know it is difficult when they are so obviously scared. Crossing my fingers that this was THE worst thing you will have to experience.

Awesome Mom said...

I wish that this was THE worst thing that I have had to go through but that does not even make my top five.