Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Inching ever closer

Evan is off of supplemental oxygen now! His cardiologist figured that since he was already used to a much lower saturation level that the ideal 95% was not a biggie at this point in time. He should eventually get to that but it will take some healing on his part and she didn't want him having to go home on oxygen. Apparently the bodies of kids like him can get lazy if they are on oxygen too long.

The blood tests that they did today were fine. The lady that drew him had some of her coworkers help hold him and I pretty much had to push one of them away because she was not properly holding him down. I guess she was not used to working with kids and was afraid to hurt him or something. All she had to do was hold his shoulder down and she was not putting enough pressure and he was able to squirm enough that the person drawing the blood almost missed the vein.

Evan got a special surprise today. The hospital has a program called Little Wishes for kids that have long hospital stays and chronic conditions. They give the kids presents so that they have something special to look forward to during their stay. Evan has received a number of wonderful gifts from them. Both of the nurses that run the program are very much in love with Evan so today he totally got spoiled. They gave him six Thomas wooden train figures, a fun car and a huge front loader. When they came to give him the presents Evan was in the middle of a freak out because he was having his blood pressure taken. The instant he saw the presents he calmed down and wanted his daddy (who was visiting) to open the packages . I am not sure that there will even be room on the train table for all the trains he now has.

We have a big day tomorrow. Evan has a chest x-ray and a blood draw before we will get to come home. I am excited about the possibility of a nice sleep in my own bed.

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bella said...

So excited you are on your way to release! (And who cares if the train table is full? Just call it a switching yard, and it will all be good!)