Monday, September 18, 2006

Harold has arrived

I bet you are thinking that I am silly for writing this title. You all know that Harry has been born, but I am not talking about this:

I am talking about this:

I got Harold off of Ebay since he is not for sale at any of the stores that carry Thomas items in our area. I managed to get him for about what I would have payed for him in a store including shipping. Evan is very much in love with Harold.

At dinner time my husband pryed Harold out of his hands and placed him on the computer desk which acts as a partial dividing wall between the dining area and the living room. All during dinner Evan kept pointing and grunting. I could not figure out what he was so excited over as I had not seen where my husband had placed Harold. After dinner I was feeding Harry who has awoken from a short early evening nap. Evan who had just finished dinner was hanging around and getting very upset. He was still pointing at something so I finally looked up and saw Harold. I gave Evan Harold and he wandered off happily.

One thing that I have found very interesting is that when I picked out Harry's name I had thought it would not be the least bit popular. I picked Harold because then I could have the nickname of Harry. I wanted my kids to have literaryesque names so Harry is partly named after Harry Potter. OK, he is fully named after Harry Potter but since I don't want to seem obsessive I will never admit that. I heart Harry Potter in a big way. I have a wand hand made by my father.

There are two TV shows with a Harold or Harry in them. Harold and the Purple Crayon is a show and a classic book. I have been told that I must buy this book and I fully intend to purchase it some day if I remember. Harry and His Big Bucket Full of Dinosaurs is another one out there. I guess this is one of those times when you don't see something until you have it and then everyone has that item. It is a bit fun and hopefully there will be some shows with Evan in them.

I have been reminded that there is also this Harold. I can't believe I forgot about him!


GoofyJ said...

Harold and the purple crayon is a fantastic book, though I know it mainly in spanish. I have yet to own the english version, but the spanish translation of the book is charming, so I imagine the english to be just as good, or better because sometimes things are lost in translation.

It's fun how attached to things kids can get :)

Anne/kq said...

We always loved Dirty Harry (about a dog) when we were kids. ;)

I have an Uncle Harry, my Grandma Ronnie liked the name, too, although I think he was after some Big Band leader.

Aren't little kids' obssessions funny? Emma's stuck on Lois and Clark right now, which I find hilarious... And a little embarassing, since it's obvious where she got that!

BTW, I have the same pattern stroller (not sure if yours is the double, though) and that's also our infant seat pattern. :) I think it's adorable.

fancypantsnancy said...

I know that you actually named him after Harold Green, of the"Red Green" show.

Gina said...

And don't forget about Prince Harry!

The Laundress said...

Oh my,

Not the Red Green show! I love Harold the Helicopter and Harold and the Purple Crayon.

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