Saturday, September 16, 2006

Calgon take me away

My husband usually gets half days on Fridays which is very nice because we can get a head start on the weekend. Today I thought I would take the opportunity to run a few errands while the kids were napping. All I needed to do was make a quick trip to the grocery store for a few things that I had forgotten but I decided to hit a few thrift stores on the way home. I hadn't been able to go to any in awhile and I figured that Harry would be asleep for long time since his morning nap had been pretty short.

Hours later I came home to a very frustrated husband and a baby that was sobbing upstairs in his crib. Apparently I had been missed in a big way. I had been so missed that Harry decided to be cranky for the rest of the afternoon. He would cry every time his feet touched the ground. Feeding and pain medication eliminated his usual causes for that kind of grumpiness. The only thing that mollified him was a bath after dinner time. Then he finally decided to be mostly over my abandonment of him.

Since I had one child already pissed at me I decided to go for broke and shave Evan. His hair was getting a tad shaggy and I was itching to try out our new clippers on him. Evan did not hold his grudge as long as his brother. A cookie soothed his wounded pride.

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chelle said...

poor kids .... hehe!

Sounds wonderful to be able to get out on your own and do a little shopping!