Monday, September 25, 2006

The progress continues

We spent a very long morning getting an echo cardiogram and yet another chest x-ray. These two things took forever because the people that are supposed to transfer patients to the testes they need took forever to take us from the echo to the x-ray. By the time we got back it was lunch and nap time.

Evan was not thrilled one bit with the echo despite it being a very noninvasive test. All it is is an ultrasound of the heart. I think he is really starting to feel the loss of control that being in the hospital entails. He just goes not realize right now that all these things are helping him heal. Despite his crankiness he is still managing to charm everyone that he meets.

Evan's surgeon came in the afternoon and removed the steri strips that were holding together his chest incision. Evan was also freed from being monitored by telemetry but will have to go on a Holter monitor to make sure that all rhythm problems are resolved. His supplemental oxygen was turned down a bit again today and he is still maintaining his saturation levels. Everything is still looking to be on track for leaving on Wednesday.

Somehow word got around the Ward that we were coming home today. The Relief Society president called to drop off dinner for us. My husband was rather surprised to get the call and wondered if I had told someone that we were home. I had not even called any one from the ward so the rumor seems to have been manufactured out of thin air. I know that my husband did not say anything. I called my friend A. who is on the ward council where this rumor was passed on and apparently it was the Bishop that told everyone that we had come home on Sunday. A. was quite surprised that they would let us go so soon and was happy to hear, when I told her otherwise, that we were not being pushed out of the hospital before Evan was ready. It is funny the things that get passed around. I hope that next time the Bishop will check his facts first.


GoofyJ said...

Yay for Evan :) So glad he has progressed so well:) Cheering you guys on and hoping for a warm homecoming tomorrow. :)

Gina said...

Yes, hopefully you will be back.

And well, their hearts were in the right place, just not their facts!

bella said...

Glad things are all on track, and at least you know they are itching to get in there and help! (Better that than indifference, yes??)