Saturday, September 23, 2006

Long day

It has been one loooong day. Evan had a chest x-ray and a blood draw this morning. Both looked great. Then a bunch of doctors paraded past each wanting to look and listen at how Evan's breathing and heart sounded. By the time lunch came around he was ultra cranky and any time that anyone came in to the room he would start crying. A nap and some food helped get rid of the crankies.

Evan got a visit from a therapy dog which thrilled him to no end. A lady with lots of stickers and other art supplies came around and Evan had so much fun coloring that he decided that paper was not the best place to display his artistic talent. He has a very colorful knee right now despite my attempts to scrub the art work off. A person also came by to read his some books and sing with him.

Evan's appetite is returning and he has stopped throwing up now that the anesthesia has finally cleared his system. Tomorrow looks to be a quiet day as he has no blood draws or other procedures scheduled. I am making it my mission to bug the doctors enough that they will remove the IV in his foot so that he can start walking again. They have a patio area so the kids can go outside but the door is such that he can't fit out there with his wheel chair. Once he can walk he can go outside and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.


Michael C said...

I'm so glad all is going well. Hopefully he won't remember them pulling the chest tube out as he gets older. It's only been a year for me and it makes me cringe!!! ;-)

Hang in there and again congrats that all has gone well!!!

Ashlee - Xav's Mama said...

I hope Evan continues to do so well! You're in our thoughts and prayers!

GoofyJ said...

hope you guys can get more rest today, sounds like things were a bit rough with all the doctors and the crankiness, can't blame the poor little guy. :) Sounds too though like he had a very good day and was able to enjoy himself. Hope he continues to do well! :)