Monday, September 04, 2006


We had a wonderful weekend. It was perfectly lazy. We didn't go anywhere except for church and to the gas station to fill up for the trip home. Saturday I devoted to knitting and Sunday was a book day. In between I took naps and went to bed early.

My darling husband forgot to put our play pen in the car so we had to improvise our sleeping arrangements. I decided to put Evan to bed on the trundle bed in one of the spare bedrooms. It lay on the floor pretty low so Evan falling off would not be a big deal. Then I would lay on the bed with him until he went to sleep. This strategy actually worked very well, so well in fact that we are going to transition him to a twin mattress in short order. We had been thinking about bunk beds for the boys but are not sure how that will work out with Evan's non working hand.

One of Evan's favorite toys at grandma and grandpa's house was some sunglasses. I snapped a few highly hilarious pictures to show to his prom date.
This one is my all time favorite! He just look so hilarious.

Here is a cute one of Harry, lest any one accuse me of playing favorites.


Zephra said...

I have been thinking about getting Zakary out of the crib too but I am not willing to lay down with him until he is asleep. He is so well trained that he goes to bed without a fuss but I know eventually he will be climbing out.

chelle said...

Glad you had a great long weekend and that the sleeping arrangements worked out so well!

Becca sleeps in a big bed and loves it!

Great pictures!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

What is it about babies and sunglasses? What cuties. I hear you about the porta-crib thing... they're great to have, but it's even better if you end up not needing them after all. ;)