Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Awesome Mom has asked me to continue this blog while Evan is in the hospital. I have the great fortune to be grandma to this awesome grandson and consider it an honor to to this for A.M. I wish I could be there for the surgery, but sadly this time around, that was not possible. However Evan (and Harold The Destroyer) have an awesome Paternal grandma who was able to help and I thank her. Evan will have his surgery tomorrow morning. We aren't sure what the surgeon will do, it depends on what he sees tomorrow. We ask for your prayers for Evan at this time and will keep you all updated.
FANCYPANTSNANCY (Pantsy to my friends)

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bella said...

Sending out all my spare good thoughts and prayers to both Awesome Mom and Evan... may the whole ordeal be quick and quickly over!