Friday, September 22, 2006

We are on the Pediactric floor!

We were released from the PICU late this afternoon and are now happily on the pediatric floor. Evan has been having some issues keeping down food so we are slowly letting him get back into the swing of things. The surgery and morphine given to him to help with his pain have a tendency to slow digestion down so this was not unexpected. He is keeping his meds down which is a very good thing. He is also very thirsty since he is on a fluid restricted diet. The fluid restrictions are to help keep him from getting fluid in his lungs and prevent the possibility that a chest tube would have to be replaced.

I am hanging in there. The PICU was an awful place to try and sleep but I managed to get some. I was pretty much cat napping all day yesterday. They were super slammed so there was a lot going on. There were three kids on vents which for that small of a unit is a lot. All that lead to a whole lot of noise. It was great seeing so many of the nurses that had taken care of Evan in the past. They were all so happy to see him doing so well and looking so pink.

After the surgery everyone was in a bit of a euphoria. I felt a little bad feeling so good because there are other mothers there that have kids that are even sicker than Evan. The evening of the surgery I was eating a quick dinner in the PICU family room and I was beaming. I then noticed that the other mother in there was quietly sobbing. Her daughter is in grave condition and it is touch and go every day for her.

On a lighter note I discovered that the family room for the pediatric floor now has a computer so I can resume blogging. The whole pediatric department seems flush with cash right now because there are a lot of new things. Evan got to take a ride in a car that is also a wheel chair. I will have to post pictures later, he was having the time of his life. Evan is still on a bit of oxygen so the car wheel chair made it easier on me to push him around with the heavy tank in tow.

There is some talk of us coming home on Monday but I have the feeling that Evan's Cardiologist will want to discharge him herself and she has clinics the next two days, so she will not be around to do that until Wednesday. Evan will also have to be on full feeds before he goes so I am not sure that Monday will work any way. I don't want to push him too soon. Well, I am off to enjoy my first shower for days.


GoofyJ said...

I am so glad things have been gong well for Evan :) Yay for being out of the PICU! THat is so awesome. :) Hoping recovery continues so well and that you can get home soon. :)

Zephra said...

I will never forget when Sara was in the PICU. I felt just like you. My daughter was doing great but just across us was a little baby boy who was very sick. Sick and, for th most part, alone. It was really hard not to go over and hold him.

BTW I don't lie the new beta version comment winder. It cuts half the window off and will not let me maximize the window.

Jaelithe said...

Oh I tried to comment a couple of days ago, but my comment disappeared :(

Anyway I am glad to hear the little guy is doing so well and I hope he gets to come home soon.

Gina said...

So glad to hear this, Melissa!