Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The vampire emerges

As the sun sets and darkness falls I emerge from my lair ready to run my errands for the day. Evan is pretty much house bound to help prevent him from getting exposed to germs and getting sick while recovering from his surgery. So, we stay at home and I run errands at night when the kiddos are in bed. It is strange doing things at night that I generally do during the day. Different people are out at night. Some stores are more crowded and some are less crowded. Some errands are more fun with the kids and some are soo much easier.

I really missed having the kids with me when I went grocery shopping yesterday. I love pushing them around in the cart and having Evan "help" me put groceries on the belt at check out time. Plus there is the ego boost that comes from the checkers oohing and aaahing over how cute they are.

I didn't miss the kids one bit tonight when I made a book store and craft store run. The stores were very empty. I was able to browse to my heart's content with out a care in the world. I didn't have to worry about finding a shopping cart or pulling out the stroller. Grabby hands were not an issue. I wasn't able to avoid all evidence of children however. After I got back into the house I noticed cookie goo on my shoulder, a gift from Evan left while I was comforting him after his shot.


chelle said...

Isn't it sweet when you still take the "Mom" with you!?!?

I can only imagine the difficulty in juggling the new schedule. It will be worth it in the long run!

Zephra said...

Got to love those little gifts they give. I had one in my hair yesterday for several hours before I noticed.

mom blog said...

I seem to have something on me at all times. I'm glad your schedule is working out even if it is at night.

txmommy said...

Happy you got to shop on your own!
Hope Evan recovers quickly!!

Suzanne said...

I enjoy the undistracted nature of solitary shopping, too. It doesn't happen very often, and it's a pleasant sensation to realize that I can take the time to carefully decide about what I'm buying instead of making a 2-second snap decision before having to corral or chase after my kids!