Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tips from Awesome Mom

Since school is now back in session and as usual apparently short of money the fundraiser season is upon us. Now I don't want to seem like a Grinch or anything but the whole idea of the fundraiser annoys the heck out of me. I hate them big time. Those companies use cute kids to hawk their goods and only give a small percentage to the school. They avoid all sorts of labor laws and make a huge profit off of crappy merchandise.

I was contacted by a local child (by contacted I mean that the kid rang my door bell in the same manner that Evan does) who attempted to hawk goods to me. I was already annoyed that this person who should know better was "ding dong ding dong ding donging" my door bell in an annoying manner and interrupting my dinner preparation. I was also very worried that her annoying abuse of my door bell was going to wake up Harry who had gone down for a rare dinner prep time nap so that I could make dinner in relative peace. I guess she felt I was being rude when I didn't even let here get her spiel out of her mouth and I promptly took her to task about her rude abuse of my door bell and then simply shut my door again praying that the baby did not wake up.

My wonderful tip is this: If you want to have even the slimmest hope of maybe selling me some of your cheap crap, do not abuse my doorbell by ringing it like a two year old would. Ring it once and if I don't answer even though all my windows are open and you can hear me preparing dinner act as if I am not home and GO AWAY already. There is no law that says I have to answer the door and I can choose to ignore the door bell when I am otherwise busy and not expecting a dear friend to drop by.


bella said...


The ones that get me are the GROWN PEOPLE who can't seem to understand that, or that CANNOT READ THE NO SOLICITING SIGN I have posted by my front door! GrRRR!

(Of course, enjoy it while you may: eventually it will be your cute kids trying to sell you stuff, and then you either have to buy or teach them the same lesson you are trying to teach the neighbor kids!)


Gina said...

I have always held to the theory that if I don't want to answer the doorbell, I DON'T HAVE TO.

And sometimes, I don't.

It drives other people nuts when they hear about it.

chelle said...

w00t one of the small advantages to living in an apartment ... no doorbell. If they knock a lot of times I do not answer :D