Monday, May 08, 2006

Week 1 Without A Stove

Well we have made it one week without a stove. I am not very happy about it but we made it. Sadly the end is not in sight because the (insert bad word here) company that is supposed to install the stove that the owner so quickly purchased has not even attempted to contact us. My husband of course tried to pass the buck to me about calling them but I have been so busy that I have been unable to do this. The buck has been passed back to him since he actually gets a lunch hour during which he can do things like this.

I miss my stove terribly. Microwaving just does not achieve the same results. Not having my oven means that we are eating more processed foods than I like. It also means no pasta, which is a staple in our diet. It means that I have to give Evan soggy chicken nuggets instead of crispy. Harry has been unaffected by this only because all it takes to make his food is warm tap water. I wish things were as simple as that for us.

Hopefully my husband knocking a few heads around today will be sufficient to get the ball moving because otherwise I am going to start getting very cranky. They do not want to deal with a cranky Awesome Mom.


J's Mommy said...

No stove?? Microwaving sux!

Vicky said...

Oy! No stove?

I hardly use my microwave cause I can't stand how it makes the food soggy (not crispy!). Sorry you've had to go so long without.

Have you tried making scrambled eggs in the microwave...they don't turn out too bad. I know! You could have scrambled eggs and microwave popcorn for dinners...that's like two food groups - meat and alternatives (eggs) and vegetables (popcorn)

Zephra said...

My family would be celebrating if we had no stove. That means Mom can't cook. YEA!!!