Monday, May 29, 2006

A boy and his cars

Evan is obsessed with cars, he has been this way since he was a small baby. He would flip all toys with wheels over and turn the wheels endlessly. Then when he was about nine months old he got his first small toy car and it has been love ever since. When we go walking he has to stop and watch each and every car pass by. Even if it is the biggest junker he will point and say "Wow!" He will often clutch a car in his hand to take with him in the car on our many errands. All he needs to be entertained is his cars.

I wonder if this car obsession will continue into adulthood. Will he be a teenager that loves to tinker with the old beater that he saved up for? Will he be an adult that loves and cherishes a sweet set of fast wheels? Will he become a car mechanic? I don't know but it sure is going to be interesting to find out.

Evan driving his cars with his daddy.

Evan's favorite race track. He has a strange need to drive his cars on elevated surfaces.

This is Evan playing with his car suit case. We keep the bulk of his collection in there and occasionally will pull it out to keep him entertained for a really long time.

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