Sunday, May 28, 2006


I have discovered a down side to a child that will eat a large bowl of spinach. The downside: diapers that burn your nose hair and are disgustingly runny. Luckily after a nice meal of bananas I think we have turned the corner in the diaper department.

Both kids have been super grumpy this weekend. I think allergies are the culprit because when I dose them up with benedryl they are much less cranky. Of course this could also be because they sleep a lot while drugged up. I am even feeling a bit off too. This spring is apparently super bad this year for pollen because we had such a wet spring. Hopefully this will not last too long because I am wiped out.

I am counting down the days to my vacation. Unfortunately there is a whole host of things that need to get done before then. The packing alone is going to be staggering. Wish me luck!


GoofyJ said...

Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely be avoiding spinach in the future! lol! :)

Zephra said...

Happy packing. Allergies are the worst for me this year too. This is the first year I had to go to the doctor for something to treat it.