Monday, May 15, 2006

Pictures from my Mother's Day

This is my present. I got a gardenia, hopefully I will not kill it. I already have one in our downstairs bathroom and it is hanging on... barely. This one will be outside and since it is not a specialty variety it may not be as touchy.

This is the hand made card that I got. By the way that is my husband's best penmanship so it is mostly legible. When he is not trying you can't read a thing he is writing, he would make a great doctor.

That is a picture of a car. Apparently Evan got tired of scribbling pretty fast so my husband did a bit of fill in work.

According to my husband Evan actually wrote that, well actually he held the crayon while my husband used Evan's hand to write out the names. I give the card an A+!

We got a single rose at church so I cut three other roses from my garden so the other rose would not feel lonely. They don't match but the ones from my garden smell wonderful.

This is a chocolate cupcake thingy that Evan made for me in nursery at church. By made I mean that he poked his finger into the frosting and tried to eat it while the nursery helpers did all the work.

Evan checking on dinner to make sure it is going well. My husband made me Chicken Cordon Bleu. It was very yummy.

Harry brightening my day by being cute.


Zephra said...

Good luck with the Gardenia. I murdered mine.

Nicole said...

Sounds like a nice day. It seems like your husband gave it the old college try!