Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just when you think that you know what is going on

Just when I thought that all we had to worry about surgery wise with Evan was the Fontan I find out that Evan's cardiologist is still considering a surgery. Supposedly the cath that he had in April was supposed to take this off of the table but it seems like she is still worried that the remaining flap of his ventricular wall will cause troubles in the future. I get the feeling that Evan's surgeon does not agree with her. We do have a compromise of sorts though. When Evan goes in for the Fontan he will go in and see how much of the wall is left. If there is a lot then he will take care of that and then we will schedule the Fontan for later. The reason for separating the surgeries is that the Fontan is a big operation for the body to get used to and bad things happen when more than the Fontan is attempted.

This whole thing is a bit frustrating because I feel like I am being yanked around. There is a certain amount of emotional preparation that you as a parent have to go through to get ready for a surgery. It is hard to prepare and then not have to go through the surgery and then have the surgery back out there for you to prepare for. It is going to be even harder to prepare for a surgery and then think that possibly you may be done only to be told that you still have to endure one more.

Another freaky thing is that we will not have to see the Cardiologist until Evan's pre-op check up. That means that a surgery date will be set soon. That means that the surgery is not some nebulous event that is out there is the distant future. It is closer and more defined as an event. It is coalescing into a cold hard event.


Fidget said...

it must be frustrating after feeling the relief of thinking no more surgeries.

Gina said...

I can't imagine the rollercoaster of emotions that must be.

BTW, I like the re-design!