Monday, May 22, 2006

A log in the tub

Harry passed an important milestone, one that you will not find in any baby book. He pooped in the bathtub for the very first time. I thought it was pretty funny but my husband was not as amused. He was the one that got to clean the bathtub while I wrangled the damp diaperless children. Luckily there were no futher out of diaper experiences and we got everyone back in the tub and clean.

Another potty related item of note is that Harry has not indulged in the time honored tradition of peeing on a parent. Not once has this kid let loose during a diaper change. Anyone that has changed a baby boy knows full well that they are very fond of squirting at inopportune times. One of Evan's nicknames was little squirt because he was very fond of giving anyone that changed his diaper a golden shower. He peed on the OB who took him out of the comfy womb (not that I entirely blame him for that one). That event set a precedence that continued until Evan was a bit older and had better bladder capacity.

Harry has been the good son in this regard. He whizzed on the OB and since then has not sprinkled anyone. I have brazenly left him undiapered for extended periods of time and not been sprinkled. I think that mentally I would feel a bit better if he had just gone ahead and gotten it over with. I know it is coming. No little boy can pass infantcy with out sprinkling at least one parent, so I hold my breath with each diaper change wondering if this will be it. Will today be the day?


ginger said...

well i think it only appropriate to comment whenever i even set the girls in the tub they pee so we spray them with water so they can get it out and then we get on with the bath :p here is your comment

Christina said...

Hahaha! I never realized little girls could get distance when peeing until I had my daughter. Cordy could spray it like a little boy sometimes!

We haven't had to deal with pooping in the tub yet, but I'm sure the day will come.

GoofyJ said...

hee hee, Reminds me of when we raced Jacob into the ER, he had the presence of mind to pee all over the doctors when they changed him. He also puked once (about 5 months ago) in the Dr. office and our ped narrowly missed getting christened. :)

Mel said...

My son managed to poop in the tub during one of the first baths he had. Unfortunately, I was in the tub with him.