Sunday, May 21, 2006

A trade (now with pictures)

One of my friends who was in the process of moving gave me this for Harry. Her daughter had long out grown it and she needed to get rid of stuff before the move. I took it, because as you know I can never say no to a fun baby gadget. That thing was a monstrosity. It took up so much space in our small living room. It was also too much fun, if that is possible. Evan was constantly harassing Harry every time I put the poor kid in it to play. Evan wanted to push the buttons too and would push Harry's hands away from the piano part every time he tried to play with his own toy. Sigh.

I was frustrated with this so I posted on a local kid stuff email group. I clearly stated in my email that I was looking to trade this for something along the lines of this. The response I got was not quite what I had anticipated. What I got was five people offering to SELL me their Exersaucers. The ones they wanted to sell me were very over priced to boot which I found very insulting. I do my research and I know my prices. I do not want your five year old Exersaucer that has been through a few kids and looks it. My item was in pristine condition and I knew that if I sold it I could get top dollar for it. Every time I got an email I wanted to email them back and ask them if they had flunked reading in school. I was nice though and simply deleted then.

Luckily I have a happy ending to this story. Someone contacted me wanting to trade, excited at her luck in finding my original email. Her baby had played with this at a friend's house so the baby's mother had bought her an older version of this (not being able to afford the more expensive toy) but the baby was not as fond of the different one and was not wanting to play in it. Now we are both happy. Harry is not as picky, the new one takes up much less space and it also has no musical lit component so Harry is left to play in peace. Although Evan will still come by now and then to "help" Harry play with his new toy.

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Zephra said...

I had one simular to theone you wanted and it was a hit. Mine could also transform into a toddler play center. I got my moneys worth because I bought the floor model.

BTW I tagged you in a meme so came by and scroll down.