Friday, May 12, 2006

We finally have an oven!!!!

After two weeks without an oven we finally had it installed this morning. I am so glad that we can bake and cook stuff on the stove top!

On an unrelated note, my huband is just TODAY realizing that Mother's Day is on Sunday. Grrr!!!!! I have had his Father's Day present for months now and I managed to purchase it while I had both kids with me. Imagine that, having one or both kids with you does not prevent you from being able to go out to a store and buy something. Having kids does not automatically mean that you have to stay at home. We have extra car seats so he can't even use that as an excuse. I don't even expect all that much. He could have had Evan scribble on a piece of paper and then written "Happy Mother's Day" on it and I would have been happy.


chichimama said...

Yippee on the oven! Enjoy it!

Liz said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by tonight.

We just got a dishwasher after 4 years of not having one. I have to remind myself constantly not to hand wash. I can't imagine not having an oven!

Gina said...

Good for getting the oven. Although I have to say that other than baking, I prefer to use my convection/toaster oven.

But, an oven is definitely a nice thing to have.