Friday, April 21, 2006

My not so bad day

Since I am up bright and early because of my wonderful son Harry (#$!@$#@! kid I need some
#@!$ing sleep right now and he is $#@!$#@ing awake) I thought I would share some thought I had from my day yesterday. Evan and I went down to the city for the pre cath tests so it was a long day for the both of us.
My thoughts:
  • The city sure is a lot less depressing when the sun is shining and the weather is warm.
  • It is rather nice to be recognized and treated well. All of the staff at the front desk know us by sight and they love to oo and ah over Evan's cuteness.
  • It is nice now that Evan is two, I don't have to strip him to get him weighed. We also do not have to use the large baby scale so there is less freak out on that front.
  • I am going to miss the doctors and other staff when we eventually have to move (possibly in the next few years). His cardiologist held Evan on her lap and gave him a big hug. It is nice to find doctors that so obviously care about their patients. With some you have to wonder why they are even working with kids in the first place.
  • I am so glad that they are finally letting him stand for his chest x-rays. Things go much smoother with a nice lady holding your kid vs. that horrible contraption they used last time that totally freaked him out.
  • Evan really really loves pushing buttons. The nice lady that helped with the x-ray let him play with the machinery which was heavenly for Evan.
  • La Salsa may be super busy during the lunch hour but the wait is totally worth it.
The whole trip was less traumatic that I had anticipated. Evan even let them listen to him with a stesescope. I had been working on desensitizing him to that and it seems to have worked. All I did was get two super cheap stesescopes off of eBay. I added them to his toy box and when he showed an interest in them I would listen to him with them. Eventually he would try to listen to me as well. Best money I have ever spent. Now all I need to do is get an examination table with paper on it. That one I think is going to have to stay.

Later on in the evening I got to again leave the house, this time without kids. It was my monthly scrapbooking night. I had a fun time and got most of the pictures that I took on our trip to the zoo in the scrapbook. I am pretty minimalist so it does not take me too long to do a page. Everyone else in the group puts all the do dads on the pages so they end up spending hours and only doing a few pages. I take so many pictures that taking all that time would mean that I would have piles and piles of pictures that never make it into the scrapbook. I can get all of my stuff into three small bags but there in one gal that it takes several trips for all of her stuff. I tell my husband about her every time he complains about my scrapbooking habit. That shuts him up pretty quick.

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