Sunday, April 16, 2006

Our Exciting Easter

Evan posin' in his hip new Easter duds

Happenin Harry in his sweet Easter clothing

Evan sampling the funeral potatoes before they get put in the oven

As you can see we had a pretty fun holiday. We had a pretty nice time at church even though we had to leave a bit early because Evan was super tired. Church is always right when he would normally nap so we often have to leave early with a cranky child. He will just not fall asleep anywhere but his bed. Dinner was nice and simple. We bucked tradition and got a roasted chicken from Costco since we still had ham left over from Christmas. The only thing that I had to make was the funeral potatoes, a nice and super rich dish that we only have for Easter. My mom sent us chocolate Easter bunnies so combined with the ones I got we were in chocolate heaven.

The real fun came when the power went out for an hour and a half. Evan had a blast playing with the flash light. He thought it was funny when I turned it on an off. He was also entranced by the candles. Luckily it did not last too long. I hope that everyone had a happy Easter.


millicent said...

the kids look adorable! funeral potatoes? can't say i've ever had those!

Jennifer said...

Your boys are adorable! I love their vests. :)

Awesome Mom said...

Funeral potatoes are called that because they often show up at funerals. They are made from shredded hashbrowns, sour cream, onion, cheddar cheese, butter and have a corn flake topping. They are ever so fattening which is why we only have them once a year.