Saturday, April 15, 2006


Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! It has been a pretty fun last two days. We didn't really do too much birthday wise for me on the actual day. I did go to a kickin bridal shower that had good food and the games were not too corny.

Tonight my friend and her husband watched the kids for us while my husband and I went out to dinner and a movie. For dinner we went to Outback stakes. Yummy! I like a bit of red meat now and then. My husband is not a big steak guy because growing up they raised their own steer and my MIL loves to make sure meat is very well done. She loves her shoe leather LOL

We bought Papa Murphy's pizza for the folks at home and when we got home we realized that my friend must have never made that kind of pizza before because the top was done but the crust was raw. My husband thinks she must have cooked them both in the oven at the same time. She is not from this country so I will have to give her a pass on that one. I don't think they have Papa Murphy in New Zealand.

The movie we saw was V for Vendetta. I am a big fan of Hugo Weaving, I think he really was the star of the Matrix series. Without him it would not have been as compelling. He was very excellent in this movie as well. He was wearing a smiling mask the whole time but his voice is expressive enough to make his emotions come through. I also liked the premise of the movie, that ideas live on after the person that stood for the idea is dead and that people should not fear the govenrment but the government should fear the people. It is a movie well worth seeing.

P.S. As I was looking up Hugo Weaving I noticed that he has a son named Harry. I like him even more for having great taste in naming his children.

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