Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It is all about the barf

Evan is a champion puker. I think that if it was an Olympic event he would win the gold medal. This all stems from his rough start in life. He was intubated for several days after his first surgery and also had a NG tube down the back of his throat for over a year. His reflux didn't help either.

I get home from a blissful trip to Target with out any kids. I hear screeching. I rush upstairs thinking that possible Harry awoke while I was away and was not going back down. Nope! It was Evan who should have been in bed but was not. I was also assaulted by a horrible stench. The smell of vomit.

Evan's puke was not too bad when he was younger. Breastmilk does not smell all that bad until it has been sitting in the carpet for a few days. Baby food is also not too smelly because when he was yacking it up it had been barely in his tummy for more than a few seconds. When he was put on pedisure was when the smell started getting to me. I was barely pregnant with Harry and in the throes of morning sickness (that lasted all day by the way) when he was switched over. About that time his body had decided that it was tired of the NG tube night feeds we were giving him, so he was puking almost every night and sometimes more than that.

Once we had the g-tube put in the puking stopped for the most part but by then he has discovered that mom and dad freak out and give him what he wants if he threatens to puke. That was the start of what I call his temper tantrum pukes. We wised up and when he would do that we would put him in his playpen so he could puke away if he decided he wanted to go that way. Suddenly the instances of puking dropped again.

Now and then he will slip one past us which is what happened tonight. For some unknown toddler reason, he just lost it with my husband. Chunks of dinner mixed with the bottle of Carnation Instant Breakfast that he gets every night was spewen all over the bathroom floor. Thank goodness it was not the carpet, but the we are wise parents now and own a carpet cleaner. I hope that this puking thing will dissapear after awhile, sooner rather than later would be nice but I am not holding my breath on that one.

P.S. That picture is not him after puking, but it was funny and seemed oddly appropriate. He looks totally stoned because he was in the process of blinking when the picture was taken.


chichimama said...

Ulgh. THe pukes are the worst. Hope it is a short lived episode.

millicent said...

LOL..I have to laugh at the temper tantrum puking! And the pic is definitely cute!

Jennifer said...

Puking kids is one of the worst things about motherhood. UGH!