Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Harry's First Taste of Solid Food

I took the plunge and gave Harry his first taste of baby cereal today. I had planned on waiting a bit longer but he has been getting very grabby. I had mentioned earlier that when he was two months old he was starting teething. Well that tooth decided to go back into hiding so I still have the joy of toothless grins at almost five months old. I had to replace all of the old cereal that we had barely used with Evan because bugs invaded it, ICK!!!! Enjoy the pictures.

What is this stuff you just put in my mouth?

Oops a little dribbled out of my mouth

Here I am helping mommy put the spoon in my mouth

Mommy let me have to spoon so I could try and feed myself


Zephra said...

How cute. Zakary hated that stuff. He only wanted what I was eating.

Jennifer said...

He's adorable!