Friday, April 28, 2006

A Fun Evening

I went to the monthly gal's night out that the spouses association does every month. It was great because while there a met a new person who had just transferred in. What was especially remarkable about her was that her son has a heart defect. It was my first time meeting a heart mother that was in the same branch of the military as we are. Heck it was only my second time meeting a heart mom, so I was pretty excited. Another funny thing was that she has the same name as me so I have no excuse for forgetting it.

Her son ended up needing a transplant to help with his issues, so I am very lucky on that front. She mentioned that it was very refreshing to be able to talk with someone that knows what it is like to have a child go through the things that our kids have gone through. Her son is getting his treatment at a different hospital that Evan goes too so we can't discuss different doctors. I had toyed with the idea of moving his care to that hospital simply for convince (Evan's GI doctor is there) but I just could not. The doctors and nurses at Evan's hospital are like family to me. They care about him so much.

Something that she mentioned that really resonated with me was that going through all of this really ages you mentally. You have to grow up so fast when you have a child with health issues. Looking back on how I was pre Evan and seeing how I am now there is a huge difference. Some of this is just being a parent in general but a lot of it is making life or death decisions for your child. I am really looking forward to getting to knowing her better.

Harry giving Evan a taste of what is to come: Dogpile on Evan!!!!!!


Petite Mommy said...

That's nice that you have found someone so close with which you can relate and share stories with.

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Fidget said...

it's amazing how people come into your life just when you need them