Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fun for the kids

Every now and then I decide that we should actually pretend like we are a part of the military community. We get up and go to whatever activity is going on and put in an appearance. Today that activity was an Easter egg hunt put on for the kids. They also had free breakfast at the galley, woo hoo! (NOT) The food was standard cafeteria fare.

Apparently Seafood Friday is a grand spectacle but we have never made it out for that. We rarely do to anything on base because we don't live there and it is a half hour drive from where we do reside. The upside to not living on base is that we have shopping near by and don't have to live out in the sticks. Downside is that we hardly know any one, so the activity was pretty lame for me socializing wise. I need to get more involved with the spouse's association but after a long day with the kids I am often too tired to attend the meetings.

Evan had fun picking up the eggs and putting them in the bag. Sadly the eggs for the younger kids were all filled with animal crackers. I was secretly hoping that they would be filled with candy that I could steal. Evan seems to like the animal crackers because he is cramming them in his mouth as I type this. I guess I am going to have to buy my own dang candy.

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