Friday, April 21, 2006

Tagged again

Well I have been tagged again. I am supposed to tell you six weird things about myself. Like everyone else that does this meme I am trying to find the balance between exposing myself as a total freak and having an entertaining post. Here is my effort:
  1. I have had my arm up the rectum of a cow. It was very warm and squishy. I was an animal science major in college and it was part of my introduction to animal science class. We were practicing artificially inseminating cattle. It was just fake so I can't add to the list that I got a cow pregnant... bummer
  2. My husband was my first kiss but we were not high school sweethearts or anything. We were just both awkward around the opposite sex and had not yet had the chance to kiss others before we met.
  3. I love to play Diablo II it is my favorite computer game. There is something pure about running around and killing evil demons. I totally got carded too when I bought it, I guess I look a lot younger than I feel.
  4. I don't like to run, I never have. I will really walk fast if something is important but there are very few things that I think are worth running for. Plus I get exercise induced athsma so running sets that off making it even less fun.
  5. I don't wear pjs to bed. I have a comfy set of clothing for wear around the house and I will change into clean clothing before bed time and hop into bed. It saves me time in the morning.
  6. I like to wash laundry and dry it, even removing stains is a fun challenge to me. Folding it? I hate. Often I will leave it for my husband to do. He can't fold the kid's clothing thowever. He has a tendency to mix up who is wearing what, so I do that myself.
  7. Bonus weird thing: I have Evan'sclothing hanging up and it is arranged in a specific way that would take too long to explain. Even my husband can't figure out my system but it is there. I also make sure that the items are evenly spaced apart, which is a leftover quirk from working at Target.

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Gina said...

Totally with ya on the hating the folding part! No surprise there...