Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My favorite baby gadget

It has been raining for the longest time, I am so ready for it to stop so we can get on with spring. Because of the rain I have been going a bit stir crazy so I thought I would take the kids to the mall, something I rarely do. While I was there I had three different people ask me about my sling that I carry Harry around in. They were amazed at how handy it was and how comfortable it looked.

My sling was purchased when Evan was about five months old. He was too tall for his infant car seat so we no longer had the convience of having the carrier that would snap in and out of the car. I had to figure something out for shopping since he was not sitting up on his own. I tried all sorts of things to keep him upright in the shopping cart with no success. One day while out shopping at a consignment store/children's boutique I saw it, the perfect solution to my problem, my sling.

I had considered slings before but the ones I were seeing were padded and bulky looking. This one was made of simple fabric. It was a ring sling so it was fully adjustable. The biggest bonus was that it was much cheaper than the ones I had been looking at online. I took the plunge and bought it despite the fact that I could hear in my head my husband questioning the purchase of yet another baby gadget.

That sling was a life saver and it is even more indispensable with the second child. Double strollers are just too big and bulky for malls and other stores. Having a child in the seat of the shopping cart and a baby carrier in the basket mean that there is no room for the stuff you need to shop for. Harry is a very high needs baby and the ability to have him close while leaving my hands free has kept me from going nuts. So, if you are having another little one or know someone that is, the sling is a great gift.


Zephra said...

I could never use a sling because I have back problems and the extra weight makes it worse. That, however, is one of the nicest slings I have seen.

chichimama said...

I loved my sling. Enjoy it!

Gina said...

I had a baby bjorn, but I really secretly wanted a sling.

Jennifer said...

I could never get my sling to work for me - I don't think I'm coordinated enough. But I LOVED the Bjorn and carrying them close like that. Your baby is ADORABLE!

Awesome Mom said...

That for the record is baby Evan not Harry. I do not have a picture of me with Harry in the sling so I had to improvise and get an old picture. The look a lot alike excpet Evan has more hair and Harry is fatter.