Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What a day

can't blog too tired had a pretty fun day. Will spill the beans later after I have recovered.


adwina - said...

Hi, AM.
So, when is Henry's birthday?
I'm sorry I haven't been here lately.

It's great to know that Henry is starting to stand on his own. Soon you'll get more tired when he already walks and wants to chase his big brother Evan :).

Hope everything with Evan is fine too.


chelle said...

Glad that the exhaustion is due to fun!

fancypantsnancy said...

I had a dream last night that he was walking

Awesome Mom said...

Harry's birthday is in one week. I can hardly believe that he will be one soon. He has actually been standing for some time now. He has a rich standing environment with plenty of couches and other things to pull up on. I think that it is almost too rich since he can get around the entire room with out actually having to attempt to walk on his own.