Sunday, November 12, 2006

Poor Baby!

I survived an entire day of whiny feverish Harry. When he was not sleeping he wanted to be held by me. I indulged the poor kid because that is what soft hearted mothers do best even when their kids get them up at ungodly hours of the night.

Surprisingly I am not actually all that used to the whole fever thing. Evan did not have his first illness until he was about nine months old. He picked up a horrible puking tummy bug when he was int he hospital for his stroke. Of course he waited until he was at home to show the symptoms and he lovingly shared his germs with me and my husband. That was one thrilling Christmas, let me tell you. I was extra freaked out because Evan's cardiologist had told us not to let him get dehydrated and what is the the first thing he does at home? Puke his guts out for several days. Evan has only ever run a fever when he has some sort of infection.

Harry has also been quite the trooper in the illness department. He has had a few colds but nothing major. Even this mysterious fever is not appearing to be a biggie (knock on wood). We will be staying home from church, since no one likes a germ sharer. Evan will go with daddy to church, leaving me with glorious time to myself if Harry is nice enough to sleep during that time.


Anonymous said...

Oh, those nasty baby fevers are the worst! I hope that Harry is feeling better soon, and that he lets his mommy get some good sleep!

(Popsicles are wonderful fever-reducers, as well as re-hydrators -- and the kid don't know they are being treated to a 'cure'!)

Good luck!


Vicky said...

Poor baby indeed. I hope he lets you get some sleep tonight and that he'll wake up better. Clingy kids = backache! Good luck and give him lots of cuddles, poor lad.

chelle said...

awwww hugs it is very hard on us to have sick kids! I too would have spent the day snuggling! Hope he is feeling better today!

Gina said...

Hope he feels better soon!

txmommy said...

poor Harry. I hope he sleeps and I hope you get to have a minute!

CHEL said...

I hope mommy and harry get some good nap time in today. Feel better soon, little guy!