Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Name Game

Chel tagged me for the name game. I am supposed to spill the beans about why I named my kids what I did.

Evan Wade: I knew that I wanted to name my first born son Evan since I was a young child. Evan was my father's father. He died when I was pretty young but I have some warm and vague memories of him. My grandfather was born in Wales and later immigrated to the US. He worked for the LDS Church Family History Center working on Welsh records. Wade is my husband's middle name. In his family instead of passing on first names the first born son is given the father's middle name.

Harold Walter aka Harry: We relied heavily on our family history for this name. Harold is my husband's father's father (there is a bit of an unintentional theme here neither of the maternal fathers have names that we like or are available). I liked this name because it is a strong name. I also liked it because then I could use the nickname Harry. I am a huge Harry Potter fan but did not want to seem to nutty by simply naming him Harry. We had trouble coming up with a middle name for Harold. I emailed my Aunt who is the family history guru of the family and asked her to search for an appropriate middle name. When I saw the list I fell instantly in love with Walter. After Harry was born I remembered that Walter was my father's mother's father. He was a mounted policeman in Seattle and was killed while trying to apprehend a criminal. Walter was also his father's name.

I am tagging Goofy J , Chelle and Zephera.


CHEL said...

So cool. You're a great sport! I love their names and I love it even more that they have so much meaning.

chelle said...

Cool Beans thanks for the tag!
Look for it tomorrow!
No one in the US has my first name :O

Becca loves to be spun on our computer chair! (sorry for commenting all at once, trying to catch up!) Oh and Sheila was on my computer most of the week so I am sorry I missed you!)

GoofyJ said...

Great, I love the names and the reasons for them. I think it is nice and importnat for children to not only like their name but feel it is important, etc. Thanks for the tag :) makes me feel special ;)

Gina said...

I like using family names. Mr. P's middle name is my dad's first name.