Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh, the humanity!

I am not sure what I did in my past life, but it must have been pretty bad. I have been cursed with the ultimate drama queen of a son. I swear that everything is a crisis when it comes to Evan. I am about ready to tear my hair out if I hear any more whining. Better yet I will poke my ears out so I can live the rest of my life blissfully free from whining. The sad thing is that Harry seems to be following in his brother's footsteps.

This is Evan mid temper tantrum (yes, I know I am a horrible mother for taking pictures of my crying kid rather than actually, well I don't know, maybe comforting him). You may wonder why the histrionics from such a sweet and loving toddler. I gave him a cookie! Yes, you read that right. A fifteen minute temper tantrum was touched off by the simple act of a mother giving her son a cookie. The same cookies that the day before he had been happily eating.

Of course this was not an isolated incident. In the course of me trying to get the kids dressed and out of the house for a morning walk my ears were inundated with whining. I was getting them dressed. I was making them lay down and not letting them play. I looked at them funny. I dared shut the door when I went to the bathroom. I went upstairs to get a pair of socks for me. I checked my email. I made them move out of the way so that I could get the stroller into the living room. The list goes on.

After the whole cookie incident and nap time Harry had his own extended freak out. I went upstairs to make a phone call shortly after my husband got home from work. Harry proceeded to breath hold and cry the entire time (which is why I went upstairs in the first place). I then decided to fold some laundry while I gained the courage to face my very insulted son. How dare I actually be in a different room from him?

Some day are better than others but every day is pretty chock full of whining and crying. The little devils are super cute and sweet when we are out of the house. If I stay in for the morning I invariably end up wanting to run and hide from the whiny monsters. I wonder if it is too late to sell them? I bet I could get a good price for them and buy me some nice and quiet kids.

Evidence of my awfulness. I enjoyed a snack of cookies and milk while my first born son was sobbing his eyes out.

Harry, the awful brother that he is had no qualms about enjoying his cookie.

This picture is for you, Mom. Harry doing chew and show.

Eventually Evan decided that maybe cookies were not all that horrible and maybe he could possibly eat one with out anything bad happening to him.


Amber said...

HANG IN THERE! I was there just a few weeks ago and now both of them are behaving better. It's a roller-coaster but those lows are the worst!!!!

happy mommy said...

Ooh, the drama kids. I have a few of those!!

It's hard to deal with because you never know WHAT is going to set them off!

Good luck!

Gina said...

Man, I remember those days. Wait, what am I talking about? Just last week Mr. P threw a fit because we had the audacity to take him to see a fire truck! The nerve of us bad parents!

Jaelithe said...

Oh, watching your child throw a screaming fit in response to being offered perfectly wonderful food most people would cry FOR. How well I can relate to that *sigh*

Hang in there. I'm sure Evan's penchant for drama will actually serve him well when he's older. Just imagine him as a Congressman using his mad drama skillz to get funding for birth defect research ;)

chelle said...

ugh one of those days!

I would so be taking pics too! And enjoying cookies!

Good Luck and remember it is just a phase!

you da mom! said...

at first i thought it was a little cruel to take pics of your kid having a fit, but now i think it's pretty hilarious. might also be somewhat therapeutic, in which case i am more screwed up than i thought.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I thought it was smart of you to take a picture. I have done that. I am keeping them for when the little whiners grow up and have children of their own. I want them to see that they were just as dramatic and drove thier once normal mother crazy. Personally, in our house if someone complains over treats then they get none! I have one child that comes and tells me everything that happens as if the whole world is against her. I keep hoping it will stop. I am a suck it up kind of person, always have been so this complaining and whining everyday, all day long is rather annoying. all we can do is stick to our guns and keeping training them. Maybe one day we will see sweet fruit from these little ones!