Monday, November 06, 2006


My husband decided that he was tired of the lame computer chair that we had been using. He proposed that we get a new chair as a joint Christmas gift. I was not all that unhappy with our trusty chair but after it developed a split in the upholstery I figured it was time for a new one.

My husband being the cheap guy that he is tried to be cheap with the chair. I was not having any of that. I told him that if this chair was going to be my Christmas gift it had to be leather. It also had to be really nice and well made. I was also hoping for one with a massage feature but those were way out of our price range.

Luckily a local office supply store decided to have a sale on office chairs. Ours was $40 cheaper that it normally was. It sure is a lot more comfortable than our old chair. That one gave me back aches that I had attributed to other things. Evan and Harry love the fact that mommy will hold then in her lap and twirl them around. Evan also loves to push mommy in the chair. I love the smell of leather and it sure makes blogging even more fun.


Gina said...

A nice comfy chair makes for good blogging, no doubt!

Tracy said...

Oooh, very nice. I love that leather smell too. I'm jealous. Our computer chair an old hand-me-down from my hubby's office. Your snazzy new chair would put mine to shame!!