Friday, November 10, 2006

Cleaning bah!

The cleaning kind of happened today. It really takes two committed parents to clean a home when you have two little kids around. My husband while quick to suggest cleaning the house is not so quick to put it in action. I did manage to get our room and the boy's room clean. I also folded all the laundry that was sitting in the hall. My husband did something or another in the kitchen and cleaned up the computer desk.

My husband was convinced that Evan was sick because he was being whiny and clingy. I had to laugh because Evan is clingy and whiny every day. I humored him and took Evan's temperature which was normal. Harry on the other hand was being even more clingy than normal. He was also insanely whiny. Whiny enough that my husband wondered out loud how I could stand dealing with the kids on a daily basis all day long. I felt a bit gratified with that statement. I know that he does not even understand the crap I have to deal with day in and day out.

It turned out that Harry was the sick one. I felt his forehead after his extra long afternoon nap and he was quite warm. I am not sure what the cause of the slight fever is but when I held him he was happy as a clam and acting normal. The only real symptom was his whinyness when I was not holding him and the extra sleeping. I hope that this is the extent of the illness but I am not holding my breath.

When my husband was taking Evan up to bed tonight Evan got upset and kept pointing in my general direction. I took that to mean that he wanted me to put him to bed. Evan was still a bit squirmy when I put him to bed but not too bad. A little bit later my husband looked near me and noticed that Evan's blanket was by me (generally Evan is not allowed to remove it from his room but my weak husband relented and allowed him to have it with him after nap time). That is what he had been pointing to! Not his dear mother, but a blanket. I guess I know where I stand now.


Anne/kq said...

Sick kid(s)=no fun. Hope he's better soon!

We usually get cleaning done by me taking the kids out while my husband cleans. He's faster and stronger than me, and more motivated (and doesn't hate to vaccuum.) Then if I'm not too exhausted I will mop the floors or whatever after the baby is asleep (which I can't do until the other general cleaning is done.)

Meg4Meg said...

I hate cleaning too. Except the laundry part but I have far too much of it to really enjoy it.

Like you I also feel a certian kind of pleasure when Ray gets a taste of my day-to-day. He always says he has the easier job.

I feel your pain. Sick kids are no fun, it adds another layer of stress for us moms.

Here's hoping Harry feels better soon.

chelle said...

hehe I love it when my husband experiences the "real" day with the kid...hehe wait till we have two!

Hope Harry is feeling better!!!

Tracy said...

Isn't it interesting when the dads get a peek into what goes on throughout the day at home and everything that us SAHMs deal with each day?!