Sunday, November 05, 2006

Better and better

A few weeks before Evan's surgery and several weeks after we missed church. We had to keep Evan from the icky germs. I was not all that upset because Sacrament meeting had become awful. Most of the time both of us were out with a cranky kid so it was pretty much a wash out.

In the weeks that we have been gone Harry has matured enough that he is now able to stay in the chapel for the majority of the time. Evan also is seeming to be more willing to stay in when Harry stays in. Of course all this happens a mere two months before the time change in January. I am so ready for the nine to noon time slot. Get up go to church, get home and have lunch.

There is a bit of irony however. Today was fast Sunday (we skip two meals and then during the main meeting we have people from the congregation come up and speak briefly about their testimonies) and sometimes people get off track (well actually it is more like people frequently get off track). We had one nice lady go wandering in a big way. The worst part of it was that she did not speak much English so we had to hear her speak and then the translation. That was when I would have been happy to have the distraction of having a fussy child.


GoofyJ said...

It's so nice when kids are able to start sitting through the majority of the meeting. I think we rejoiced big time at that. With 4 kids, I can now say, it really does get easier. :) I am looking forward to being in the 9-12 time slot come January too, I think Jacob will do a lot better, not being so tired. :)

chelle said...

Wow and I struggle to go to the one hour mass! hehe, glad the kids are being more cooperative!

Jippy said...

I spend time in the hospital with my son watching Animal Planet. I know what you mean about the money for dogs. I know some people would lend me money for a vet bill and not care at all about the hospital bill. I guess it's better that they love the animals or perhaps the alternative is just having no love at all.

ashley said...

woo, lds representin' on the nablopomo. found you through the randomizer. your boys are beautiful!